Seven out of ten callers are put on hold.
What are your callers hearing?

Teletrax, Inc. offers you services that open up the doors to numerous opportunities and benefits in on-hold marketing.

Increased Sales

• 16 to 20 percent of the callers made a purchase based on an offer they heard from an advertisement. (Telemarketing Magazine)

Deliver Better Customer Service

• The average American business executive spends about nine days on-hold per year. (CNN)
• 80 percent of callers preferred information on-hold to other options. (Sales and Marketing Magazine)

Reduce Caller Abandonment

• Having an information on-hold system reduces call abandonment by almost 79 percent. (Plain Dealer)
• Callers will stay on hold 130 percent longer with information on hold. (Connecticut)

Our digital message and music players are simple to operate and will provide years of trouble-free service.

Exclusive features include:

• Digital technology provides trouble free information on-hold
• Flash memory maintains memory through power failure and brown outs
• Tone control adjusts output to an ideal level
• Verbal prompting provides mistake-proof operation
• Zero Gap feature removes silence from the on-hold production
• Outstanding sound quality gives the cleanest recording and playback possible

Get started today with information on-hold from Teletrax, Inc.!


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