Every time you place a client on-hold there is a chance they will hang up. Instead, take advantage of this captive audience with Music and Messages On-Hold from Teletrax, Inc.

Using the services and products provided by Teletrax, Inc., will not only entertain and hold your listeners’ attention, but will also give you a useful tool to sell more products and services faster, strengthen your marketing and advertising, build your company’s identity, improve client relations, and lower caller anxiety by providing assistance to them while on-hold.

The customized on-hold messages provided by Teletrax, Inc. are powerful marketing tools.

They are a great way to:

• Inform and educate
• Enhance your image
• Advertise special promotions
• Eliminate hang-ups
• Increase profits

Teletrax Music and Messages On-Hold is easy to control, monitor and update. And best of all, it gives you a distinct, competitive advantage.

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